I have been coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners for more than 16 years. I love working closely with owners and executive teams to help them shape authentic, meaningful marketing. It's easy to waste money generating pretty marketing campaigns that won't ever result in revenue.
I work strategically to match your budget to your marketing goals and give you no-BS advice for when, where, and how to invest in marketing. 
Most marketing people will sell you the moon and the stars. They'll tell you they can turn your business around with one simple tactic. After working for +20 years in marketing, I know better. Marketing is essential, it takes effort, strategy and time. There are very few overnight successes or silver bullets. I'm not going to hide the truth about what it takes to grow your business, but I will dive in headfirst to find out what levers we need to pull for your specific product in your specific market.
​My undergraduate degree is in Journalism, and I have an MBA from the University of Southern California (2006). I became an independent marketing consultant in 2004 and am based in Santa Monica, California.
My qualifications include:
  • MBA from USC (2006)
  • 15+ years as an independent marketing consultant for small-to-medium technology companies 
  • Track record of developing innovative, strategic brand marketing plans, marketing campaigns, and building creative materials
  • Capable of conceptualizing and creating marketing material 
  • Experience creating marketing plans for digital and social media
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage in-house and freelance resources
  • Experience developing scalable marketing strategies 
  • Experience creating and leading a brand marketing strategy from the ground up
  • Capable of making tough, fast decisions based on business objectives
  • Experience operating with limited resources, shifting priorities, and competing deadlines
  • Ability to tackle ambiguous needs and develop actionable plans
  • Experience recruiting, mentoring, and inspiring freelancers and employees 
  • Ability to effectively present to and advocate for ideas with senior management
  • Ability to work with a variety of stakeholders at all levels of the business
  • Naturally collaborative with experience in cross-functional brand production, partnering with business stakeholders, and coordinating external vendors
  • Track record of taking educated risks to challenge the status quo and push boundaries
  • Capable of pushing back on ideas and justifying creative decisions
  • Exceptional communication skills


T: 310.780.5551