‚ÄčI am a Marketing Consultant. I structure my accounts so that I serve as your part-time Marketing Director. I work directly with senior leadership to set strategy and budget, manage resources, and get stuff done. My work varies depending on what you need, but in general, I do the following: 
  • Work with the executive team to identify marketing goals and budget
  • Plan and execute an overarching marketing strategy based on business priorities
  • Build cohesive marketing campaigns that resonate with customers 
  • Collaborate with various teams including Sales and Product Development to produce marketing materials focused on business initiatives
  • Develop brand strategies that move audiences from general awareness to deeper engagement
  • Recruit, hire, lead, educate and manage creative and tactical freelancers, internal resources, and other experts to complete graphic design, social media marketing, PR, SEO, and other marketing tactics
  • Research evolving consumer behavior and drivers 
  • Make recommendations for pricing and product development
  • Develop campaign ideas and work to bring ideas to life across multiple channels
  • Gather insights and leverage data to inspire and improve creative concepts
  • Develop a written and visual marketing identity 
  • Develop and manage a social media strategy 
  • Drive a cohesive and innovative mix of marketing channels


T: 310.780.5551